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In a vibrant economy, your company may have penetrated the Indonesian market and be in need of high quality ENGLISH TO BAHASA INDONESIA (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICES that are consistent and reliable for official or commercial purposes. You would also require the translation company to provide round the clock support.

Elite Asia is able to meet such requirements. Our experienced translators have satisfied customers from various industries, including some of the biggest retail and service firms. From texts targeted at the mass market to documents touching niche content, Elite Asia has met our customers’ needs with speed and professionalism.

Our pool of translators includes industry-specialized professionals who have many years of experience or are native speakers. You can be sure that your documents contain precise and smooth ENGLISH TO BAHASA INDONESIA (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATIONS and the non-computerized edition ensures that the original meaning is retained. Whether it is a business proposal, legal letter or sales catalog, the tone and nuances of the Indonesian language will touch local readers’ psyches.

Our standards for our translators are so strict that only 30% of the translators who apply to work with us pass our tests. It is impossible to place a monetary value on quality translations, but we are willing to give our full commitment to you regardless of the scale of the project.

What you can expect from us are:
      - Fast turnaround times, even for large documents with short deadlines
      - Affordable prices with no hidden surchages
      - Openness in our dealings
      - No short cuts in work quality. We give each project our full attention

We are willing to handle small projects, even those that are only a page long. The length of the content is not an indication of the far-reaching impact the text can have, and a skillfully-translated work can very well be beyond valuation for your company’s returns.


Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and the largest country in South East Asia. Its official language, Bahasa Indonesia, is spoken daily by an estimated 200 million people. This large country that spans both the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean looks on track to enter a period of political and economic stability and this is shown by the large amount of direct foreign investment inflows into the nation’s major cities. Among the population, literacy rates are at 94% for males and 87% for females with more and more youths enrolling into the tertiary education sector yearly. Besides Bahasa Indonesia, the other languages spoken and used are English, Dutch and the local dialects, amongst which the most widely spoken is Javanese.

With its vast natural resources and growing industrial sector, many businesses are discovering the benefits of tapping into the Indonesian market, or setting up a regional Asian office there to facilitate international trade. Indonesia is also strategically near to Australia and Papua New Guinea and has forged strong diplomatic ties with many of its surrounding countries.

For many businesses, institutions and organizations, it is hard to ignore the potential present in the largest Muslim country in the world. At Elite Asia, we understand how your organization may want to localize your content and be able to communicate smoothly with your Indonesian audiences or stakeholders, so that your message can be accessible across the wide geographic regions of Indonesia.

We are confident of delivering consistent quality work with our ENGLISH TO BAHASA INDONESIA (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICES. To contact us, call us at +65 6681 6717 or fill up our web form . We will get back to you within one working day.

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