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In the past decade, Vietnam has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Vietnamese is the official language of the world's 13th most populous country. Up to 3 million Vietnamese can be found in the rest of the world.. To aid your company's expansion into one of Asia's fastest growing economies, you will need a trustworthy linguistic services provider to give high quality English to Vietnamese (Vice Versa) Translation Services.

Vietnamese is not an easy language to learn as it incorporates several Chinese characters with its own unique pronunciation method. Based in Singapore, which is a regional hub for the service industry, Elite Asia has access to many Vietnamese linguistic experts who will give accurate and concise translations for your documents. Many of our Vietnamese translators hold certification in linguistic studies or translations and interpretation studies. You can be confident that our English to Vietnamese (Vice Versa) Translation Services are of the highest quality, allowing you to reach out to your audience in Vietnam.


Vietnam is a unitary socialist republic where 85.8% of the population is native Vietnamese people. There are many languages spoken there, including Tày, Cham, Mường, Khmer, Chinese, H'Mông and Nùng. However, the people of Vietnam largely speak Vietnamese, which is their official national language. Vietnamese is a tonal Mon-Khmer language that uses Chinese characters.

Even though they may not be devout believers, Vietnamese mostly subscribe to Mahayana Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian beliefs. There are also Catholics in Vietnam.

As we can see, Vietnam is a socially diverse society that requires subtlety and cultural awareness when translations need to be made into Vietnamese. Attracted to Vietnam’s high economic growth, there are many conglomerates and organisations that aim to break into the Vietnamese market. At Elite Asia, we can relate to how your company wants to translate and localize marketing messages and products to reach out to your Vietnamese clients.

At Elite Asia, we have confidence that our English to Vietnamese (Vice Versa) Translation Services are reliable and of excellent quality. Please feel free to call us at +65 6681 6717 or fill up this web form . We will to get back to you at the shortest time possible.

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