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Tamer has accumulated vast experience in translation practices from English to Arabic over the past eight years. Possessing a Bachelor’s Degree in English Arts from the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Tamer has undertaken numerous translation and proofreading assignments for several key industries including thes Finance, Legal, Marketing, Telecommunications and Tourism industries.

Among these assignments, Tamer specializes in translating and proofreading financial statements, management reports, audit reports, annual accounts, mergers and acquisitions and insurance claims. He is also comfortable with handling projects regarding translating legal contracts, legislation and regulations, patents, legal documentation, court judgments and certificates.

Tamer guarantees high-quality work which is delivered on-time, and promptly responds to client calls and emails. Such virtues are indeed Tamer’s key to meeting every client’s current and future linguistic needs.

  professional Arabic translators in Asia

Being meticulous and accurate by nature, Tamer also believes in producing translations which are clear and precise, while reflecting the original text in a manner which is perfectly localized into the target language. Tamer conducts thorough research to understand his client’s needs, and combines them with his extensive knowledge of current business trends, to ensure his clients receive the accurate translation results they desire.

In his free time, IT-savvy Tamer loves to upgrade his software knowledge by learning various computer software programs such as Trados/SDLX, Across, Alchemy and Catalyst. Tamer also believes that the only way to achieve success in life is to never stop learning and upgrading oneself from time to time. That is also the reason why his favorite reads usually include financial magazines, where he can observe current market trends and upgrade his business knowledge in the process.

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