Elite Asia Awarded The Work-Life Achiever Award 2014

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The biennial Work-Life Excellence Award is conferred by the Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy, to recognise and celebrate outstanding employers and individuals for their dedication, passion and advocacy to champion work-life harmony within their organisations and other spheres of influence. Elite Asia (Singapore) is humbled to announce that we are one of the recipients of the Work-Life Achiever Award 2014.

ELITE ASIA truly understands the importance of workplace flexibility in achieving work-life harmony and its correlation to organisational success. An effective work-life strategy is the natural extension of our organisational culture that values balance over extremes, results over processes, and people over profits. Thus, we give our employees flexibility in when, how and where they work and they respond by ensuring their own productivity and efficiency at work.

With the tightening of the labour market since 2013, ELITE ASIA ramped up work-life strategies such as work-from-home days in a strategic bid to attract and retain employees.

As Carol Hong, ELITE ASIA’s Managing Director, is a mother with two young children, adopting work-life strategies began at the leadership level with a strong personal belief in the value of work-life harmony. Says Carol, “We have two days in a month where we can choose to work from home. By working from home, I can concentrate with less interference as compared to an office environment, and it’s more productive. I can also keep an eye on what’s happening at home and accompany the children without affecting my work progress.”

The leadership team, which comprises of Carol herself, and Marketing Director, Michael Kuan, together with ELITE ASIA’s managers and supervisors, understand the importance of translating every employee’s personal work-life needs into practical strategies to manage day-to-day business operations thus achieving business objectives.

We have sought advice and training from external consultants to enhance productivity, minimise overtime and eliminate stress factors cum business processes that are detrimental to work-life harmony. Our firm belief is that work-life strategies are a ‘must-have’ for every organisation and we strive to achieve a win-win solution that benefits both ELITE ASIA and our employees. Some of our employees’ opinions are as following:

“I am fortunate to be able to work on a part-time arrangement and yet enjoy all the benefits as a full-time employee would. The flexible work arrangement enables me to meet my family commitments easily, while still remaining active in a corporate career.” – Lyn Phua, Human Resource Executive

“With my personal passion for languages, I have been enriched by the opportunities provided by ELITE ASIA. When I decided to resign and study the Korean language in South Korea for six months, the company offered me the option to work remotely, and on a part-time basis while I studied. The management also held my full-time position until I was ready to return to work. I can attest that Elite’s work-life programmes are holistic, practical and cater to employees at different stages of life. Our company truly walks the talk.” – Yvonne Lau, Senior Account Executive

ELITE ASIA is thankful for our wonderful employees who have contributed well beyond their expectations. We hope to inspire other Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore and encourage the adoption of a work-life balance in every workplace. Click here to glean more details from ELITE ASIA’s published write-ups in The Straits Times and Zhao Bao.

Through winning this award, ELITE ASIA is assured that it is moving in the correct direction of providing its staffs with an environment that that they can excel in without having to sacrifice their personal and family life. Additionally, it has helped ELITE ASIA to retain experienced staffs that provide top notched clients services. This has in turn provide our clients the continuity of working with someone that know their linguistic needs and one who service them in the long run.

Written by: Nurul Atika Effendi French

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