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At Elite Asia, we believe in building meaningful partnerships with selected individuals and companies to achieve a common purpose of providing services that would facilitate your business growth. Through these partnerships, we collaborate to share resources, competencies and benefits that would aid us in striving for excellence in a few key areas rather than for good performance in many. Such win-win partnerships are the foundation for our success in delivering AFFORDABLE TRANSLATION services to our clientele.

As we focus our company's resources on what we do best, it in turn helps us to create sustainable competitive advantages while tapping into the resources of our partners for the rest. The cost-savings from not doing non-core-competency tasks has enabled us to optimize usage of the precious resources which are available to us and pass on the savings to you, our client.

In our quest to continually improve, we look to build partnerships that would allow us to leverage on each other’s strengths and assets. Such partnerships are categorized into Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, Client Partnerships and New Employer-Employee Partnerships.


Elite Asia would usually be the initiator for Strategic Alliances with companies, which are not in direct competition with us, but have products or services that are directed toward the same target market. To us, establishing strategic alliances means cooperation with groups to produce better end results for a common clientele base. As competitive markets keep improving what we can achieve from such transactions, our alliances aid us directly in staying ahead of the market with continuous advancements as a group.

Currently, the members of our Strategic Alliances are;

Elite Interpreters Asia Pte. Ltd (Professional Interpreters and Interpreting Equipment Rental)

Elite Linguistic Network LLP (Language Courses, Interpreters Training and Chinese Consultancy)

LeftField Concepts LLP (Brand Advisory & Transnational Branding)

Wellrich Pte. Ltd (Printing & Lithographic Services)

If you are interested in forming a Strategic Alliance with us, please use the web form by clicking here and we will get in touch with you shortly.


We build on our relationships with our clients with a mindset that we are their partners and thus would not in anyway cause any harm to them with our words or deeds. We believe that the purpose of such partnerships is to create opportunities for each other that are better than what we would have developed individually. our company exists because of its clients and acknowledges that they are the foundation of our success. In today's crisis prone markets and unpredictable environment, nothing is more important than to stabilize our partnerships with our clients.


Though it is clichéd to say that our people are our most precious assets, in our company, they really are our most precious assets. They are our repositories of knowledge and are the success drivers of our business' competitive advantage. Having well trained and highly engaged people is critical to the growth, implementation and precise execution of our company's business strategies. This is especially imperative in today's faster-paced and perplexing world, where the management on its own cannot guarantee the competitiveness of a business. Elite Asia 's successful Employer-Employee partnership is established on a well defined set of people systems and processes that reflects our organizational values, business strategies and attitudes adopted in a business environment.

In summary, Our company learns from its clients, employees, competitors and partners. In the new knowledge economy, the principles of our business strategies are being challenged and transformed. Instead of a focus on physical assets and building a big corporation to achieve economies of scale, the drivers of our success now reside in establishing connectivity and achieving the intangibles. As a business, we find the need to understand and manage complex relationships around us in order to succeed. Our selection of partners with whom to collaborate is now a success or failure issue for our business.

We become whom we associate with, thus, it is important we choose wisely. As we welcome those that share our values, we would also focus on establishing a partnership with you as our client.


How to keep your translation costs low? We acknowledge that providing affordable translations is a key element and an important consideration when you decide to localize/translate a service or product. The translation also has to achieve a balance between quality, cost, and time to market. By following the basic rules below, you will in turn receive affordable translation services without compromising the quality of translations. These are rules that members of a development, marketing or web team can take note of to reduce the translation cost.


Ensure your source document/text is final and translation ready. Many translation companies factor in the cost for the number of times you change the source document texts when it is already being translated. Being translation ready means that the source files are editable. Additional costs can be incurred if translators are required to reformat the document to look like the source.

Provide instructions to translators in a clear and consistent manner. We love it when instructions such as portions of texts that do not need to be translated, font requirement and layout, file formats etc. are provided. This will prevent translators from doing the wrong things or the unnecessary which will then lower your costs.

Don’t let costs inflate unnecessarily. Choose your translators carefully as you may incur higher costs when you receive shoddy work and require it to be retranslated by another translator.

Provide terminologies, glossaries and past translated materials whenever possible. This will ensure the translators know what you expect and minimize unnecessary changes post-translation.

Give ample time to translators. Rush translations are bad translations that require retranslations, which then double your costs. The translators might also charge for urgent deliveries.

The rules above help to ensure we provides affordable translation solutions to you as a client while not compromising on quality. Keeping your translations costs low is our priority as your translations partner. The cost savings you can achieve with us would allow you to reinvest your financial resources back into your business. Talk to any of our service-oriented staff at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form to find out how much you can save with us today.

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