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    • Hong Yin Yin | 方莺吟
    • Founder, Managing Director

      Ms Hong Yin Yin, a science graduate of the National Taiwan Normal University and Head of Chinese Division of Bilingual Services has extensive experience in Chinese writing..

    • Kathy Xia | 夏子涵
    • Operation Manager

      A master in multi-tasking, nothing is too daunting for Kathy Xia. As a Project Leader, Kathy is capable of managing different projects of different complexities while meeting …

    • Natasha | 娜塔莎
    • Account Manager

      After being in the telecommunications industry for approximately 10 years, Natasha decided that she wanted to make a change in her career path and further her education in Psychology. …

    • Leno Saw | 苏慧萍
    • Assistant Account Manager

      Leno is one of the pioneers of Elite Asia, and helped to set up our first representative office in Malaysia. Leno is excellent at balancing the many roles she plays in Elite Asia, …

    • Beverly Chen | 陳鋅誼
    • Assistant Marketing Manager

      Beverly returned to the workforce after being a full time housewife. With the company’s flexi work arrangement in place, she is glad that she is able to take care ...

    • Janice Di | 邸然
    • Assistant Marketing Manager

      Having graduated from University of Warwick (UK) with Master’s degree in eBusiness Management, Janice joined Elite as a Marketing Executive who is mainly responsible for ...

    • Justicia Lim | 林荟馨
    • Project Management Team Leader

      Having studied in and graduated from the Taiwan National Chiao Tung University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Language and Literature, Justicia is well-equipped with an ...

    • David Kim | 金碩鎰
    • Marketing Specialist

      As an Interactive Media Specialist, David plays a vital role in providing timely and effective IT support to the whole of Elite Asia, and at the same time, he is also managing the online ...

    • Lyn Phua | 刘惠卿
    • Administrative Executive

      Lyn is a true example of how ELITE ASIA firmly supports and warmly welcome women to return back into the workforce. Before becoming a full-time homemaker, Lyn worked as a ...


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LOCALIZATIONS AND TRANSLATIONS are actually two different processes used for translating a source language to another language. While translation is about changing the source text (normally English) of programs, documents or web content into a target language through simply translating the words from one language to another, localization takes the translated content a step further by taking into account the semantics and ensuring that the end product is relevant in the target language culture. Such “mishaps” can occur to the embarrassment of the publisher when translations are done in a literal manner without localization, such as a Tokyo Hotel notice translated into English literally as; “Is forbidden to steal hotel towels please. If you are not a person to do such thing is please not to read notice.”

Though most word for word translations often amuse the reader, it has the undesirable potential of being offensive in the target language’s culture when such “jokes” infringe upon cultural sensitivities. If the translated language is irrelevant to the target culture, then it is likely that localization was not done in a methodical and professional manner.

In Elite Asia, we take the initiative to provide advice to our clients on ensuring the translated content stays relevant to the target audience and go the extra mile by cautioning them when translated materials border on being offensive to the readers.

Tell us your LOCALIZATIONS AND TRANSLATIONS needs and we will take care of the rest. Feel free to call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form to find out how much you can save with us today.

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