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Initially established by Carol Hong in 2006 to provide CHINESE TRANSLATION SERVICES, Elite Translation Asia grew its language capabilities on request from its clients. Since then our goal has been to focus on what we do best, having a healthy discontentment to drive us to do better and adopting a humble attitude to keep learning from those who are willing to teach. With these basic attitude tenets, we serve our clients from across different industries with a dedicated team of Account Managers, Project Leaders, Translators and Editors. As a team, we go the extra mile to get your message across to speakers of other languages. This means we do the necessary research and ask the necessary questions to help you determine what information is needed for translation. We assign the task to conscientious translators equally adept in both the original language and the target language.

We place a premium on considering cultural factors in our translations, resulting in a more cohesive text true to the original, without the robotic patchwork feel of computerized translations. Our ultimate goal is to foster better communications between different language speakers by being as thorough as possible in order to convey the same message in the target language as you intended in the original.


ELITE - We tend to be stringent in choosing our team workers but that is as far as our elitism goes. We believe our highest calling is for us to make language accessible to you in order for you to include as many new connections as possible in your business network.

LEADERSHIP - We believe in hard work and in developing traits and strategies that others would want to follow. We hold that a strong part of leadership is enabling business partners, like you.

INTEGRITY - We believe in upholding our commitment to using language translation as a tool to convey meaning. We humbly admit that a big part of communication is doing what we say.

TRUST - We believe that the trust that our clients give should be carefully guarded. We believe in developing working relationships for the long haul.

EXCELLENCE - We believe that thoroughness and conscientiousness is imperative in producing work that is accurate and precise. We believe that the end product in any of our services should always foster better communication for your business internally, or with your clientele.

Talk to us on how you want your business to wield multilingual communications as a strategy to extend your market reach. We promise not to only listen but to work earnestly for you to make it a reality.


It is difficult to guess exactly how many Chinese dialects exist in China. However, most of them can be classified under one of the seven unique groups, such as Putonghua (Mandarin), Yue (Cantonese), Kejia (Hakka), Gan, Min, Wu and Xiang. Each of the seven large language groups contains a sizable number of dialects, which are mainly spoken by 92% of the total population in China. The rest would be the minorities who speak non-Chinese languages such as Mongolian, Tibetan and Miao.

Dialects from the groups are largely different. However, regardless of the large differences among Chinese dialects, they all use a common writing system that has two different writing methods; Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. This difference in the writing methods affects only how the Chinese characters look while retaining the same language structure and syntax. Simplified Chinese characters are simpler in strokes and are much easier to write compared to Traditional Chinese (TC), which is why it is called “Simplified”.

When requesting for CHINESE TRANSLATION SERVICES, it is essential that you provide details on where your translated document will be used, for example in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore. With this knowledge, we can deliver the translated document in either the Simplified Chinese version or the Traditional Chinese version. This is because China and Singapore use the Simplified Chinese while Hong Kong and Taiwan use the Traditional Chinese. However, ELITE ASIA is able to provide you with two versions on request though you will only be paying for one. When you choose Elite Translation Asia to provide you with CHINESE TRANSLATION SERVICES, you can be assured that your translations are done by only professional translators and are delivered in a quality of the work and cost-effective manner.

With our humble beginning in providing CHINESE TRANSLATION SERVICES before other language pairs, you can be assured of the quality and experience that we have. We do not sub-contract the translations as we use full-time-in-house Chinese translators. We would be most honored to be given the opportunity to assist you and would ensure that the translated document meets your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us through our web form or call us at +65 6681 6717.

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