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In July 2014, Elite Asia officially became a member of the American Translators Association (ATA). This is a significant move that we are making in our commitment towards establishing Elite Asia as a high-quality and reliable service provider for both translation and interpreting services.

Through our membership with the ATA, Elite Asia now has access to all the ATA-CERTIFIED TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS. What this means, is that our clients can now have access to and experience translations and interpreting services of a higher quality standard!

As a member of the ATA, Elite Asia is entitled to use the ATA logo in our various collaterals and external communications, allowing us to set ourselves apart from our competition, and help quality-conscious clients to recognize and identify us as the go-to language service provider when they require our services.


According to ATA, for a translator to be ATA-CERTIFIED, the translator must excel in a highly-challenging three-hours long examination which serves to assess the translator’s language skills, such as in the comprehension of content in its source language, the translation techniques applied, and as well as the quality of the translated content in the target language. The current overall passing rate for the ATA certification examination is 20%, which meant that all ATA-CERTIFIED TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS are the experts in their craft, and would most certainly be able to deliver work and projects above satisfactory standards.

In short, an ATA-CERTIFIED TRANSLATOR would most certainly be able to deliver translations that can effectively express our client’s conviction with clarity, within our client’s required context.


The American Translators Association (ATA) was founded in 1973 to bring growth to the translation and interpreting profession, by developing professional translators and interpreters to be highly advanced in their craft as individuals in the industry. The ATA currently has more than 11,000 members, including translators, interpreters and language company owners.

The ATA membership allows Elite Asia to develop an effective channel to reach out and connect with expert translators and interpreters from all over the world, and thus enabling us to improve and enhance our clients’ service experience with us.

For more information about the American Translators Association as well as its certification program, please visit the ATA website at www.atanet.org.

Benefit from our membership and be assured of your translation project’s quality today.

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