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Born in 1979, year zero in the Cambodian history, after the collapse of the Pol Pot regime, Saratt was brought up in an average family, where both parents are in the medical industry (his dad is a doctor and his mum, a nurse). With very limited access to learning resources in such a situation, Saratt managed to overcome the obstacles he faced in school. He went on to further pursue his studies at the Faculty of Law and Economics (now known as Royal University of Law and Economics), with a Diploma in Banking. Thereafter, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Banking at Build Bright University. To support his education, Saratt took on various part-time jobs during his varsity years: being an English teacher and a freelance translator. During that time, most of his freelance projects were concentrated in Phnom Penh. Saratt is a teacher now, providing professional development training on teaching methodology and translation skills. Up to this day, his passion for translation has not died down and he has continued with his translation career.

  professional Cambodian translators in Asia

With 13 years of experience in handling translations from Cambodian to English, and vice versa, Saratt has completed numerous translation and proofreading projects related to several fields, such as Education, Health, IT, Politics, Business and Tourism. He is familiar with both Unicode and non-Unicode Cambodian fonts with different formats and styles.

Words from Saratt

''I am committed to delivering my translation services to the highest quality possible. Being enthusiastic, optimistic and positive is my key to success and my s_ccess cannot be spelt without YOU.’’

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