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After being in the telecommunications industry for approximately 10 years, Natasha decided that she wanted to make a change in her career path and further her education in Psychology. Currently majoring in Psychology and Marketing in Murdoch University, Natasha is a capable individual who has managed to handle both her work and academic commitments to the best of her abilities.

Natasha’s strong interpersonal skills and outgoing personality have enabled her to excel in her work as a Sales cum Account Manager in Elite Asia. She is adept in building strong relationships with the various stakeholders of Elite with her sincerity and dedication to providing excellent customer service to Elite Asia’s clients.

Natasha is skilled in strategic planning, and always considers the long-term impact of her actions. Her strong analytic skills have enabled her to solve any problems which she encounters in the process of her work, and she is never deterred by any challenges she faces.

  medical translators in asia

Natasha is friendly and approachable, always leaving a lasting impression on Elite Asia’s customers, making them feel assured that their projects are in capable hands. Her time in Elite Asia has enabled her to practice what she has learnt in school, and motivated her to develop her knowledge in terms of linguistic intelligence.


MEDICAL TRANSLATORS in Asia are a group of people who are not only well trained in translation techniques but also equipped with adequate medical knowledge. It is known that there are a huge number of medical terminologies in this field which cannot be comprehended by people without professional background, let alone expressing the same meaning in another language. In addition, MEDICAL TRANSLATORS in Asia matter because medical translation is always related to people’s health or even life. With such a high threshold, it is rare to find qualified medical translators. They must meet the following qualifications:

  ● They must have medical background and be able to comprehend the meaning of medical terminologies.
  ● They must reorganize the language and express the concept in target language which can be understood by the readers.
  ● They must follow the principle that in medical translation, faithfulness prevails to avoid any possible ambiguity.

MEDICAL TRANSLATORS in Asia are respectful because of their professional skills and their contribution to the medical advancement of humanity. That is also why we should stick to high standard in selecting people for this role. You can trust Elite Asia to select MEDICAL TRANSLATORS in Asia for you. Here, we have strict pre-test and will proofread every document submitted by the translators to ensure the quality. Feel free to contact us to request for more information on our MEDICAL TRANSLATORS in Asia at +65 6681 6717 or feel free to use our web form .

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