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Having graduated from University of Warwick (UK) with Master’s degree in eBusiness Management, Janice joined Elite as a Marketing Executive who is mainly responsible for online marketing activities. Janice is a cheerful and friendly person who is able to communicate well with staff of all levels. She is easy to talk to, work with and always have a positive outlook towards her life and work.

As a Senior Marketing Executive, she produces refreshing marketing designs which are well-received by others. She also does not easily turns down requests from her colleagues and always try her best to accomplish any duties that were assigned to her. An efficient, fast and teachable worker, her works are always neat and meticulously done. She is constantly working closely with her department on new marketing ideas to help build up on Elite Asia's branding in the market.

  Online Marketing Translations in Asia


ONLINE MARKETING TRANSLATIONS in Asia is far more than simply translating the text into another language among different types of translation. It needs to not only convey the meaning of the source text, but also insert the same appealing impact on the target readers. Therefore, ONLINE MARKETING TRANSLATIONS in Asia involves more cultural issues in the translation process. A qualified marketing translator must meet the following requirements:

  ● The translator must be a native speaker of the target language so as to convey the delicate meaning in the text.
  ● The translator must thoroughly understand the customers’ requirements so that the translation can appeal to market.
  ● The translator must have good literary ability in order to generate elegant translation.

Therefore, clients should select marketing translators with above qualifications. Here at Elite Translation Asia, we have experienced marketing translators and we are willing to help you expand your market via our language services. Our ONLINE MARKETING TRANSLATIONS services include brochure, leaflet, advertising, websites and so forth. Feel free to contact us to request for more information on our ONLINE MARKETING TRANSLATIONS in Asia at +65 6681 6717 or feel free to use our web form .

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