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After graduating from the National University of Defense Technology, China in 2007, Kathy continued to further her studies overseas, and obtained Master of International Business in Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France.

Kathy loved languages since she was very young. Born a native Chinese speaker, Kathy started to learn the English language since primary school. Through six years of learning English in the Yale-China High School, Kathy successfully entered University and majored in Trade English. The University also provided her with a good foundation to learn about English literature.

Believing that the best way to understand a language was to be addicted to a language, Kathy enjoyed mastering languages. That is why she also embarked on learning French as a third language, and eventually chose a French School for her Master education.

  translations projects management in Asia

Upon completion of her studies, Kathy joined ELITE ASIA in 2009 as a Project Executive. Putting fervor and passion into the projects, one could see Kathy's tenacity and enjoyment in her work. She was promoted to Operations Manager in 2010, exactly a year since she worked for ELITE ASIA. Her business acumen will definitely bring ELITE ASIA to greater heights.


TRANSLATION PROJECTS MANAGEMENT in Asia focuses mainly on coordination of translation tasks. The coordinator should become the communicative bridge between clients and translators, which requires not only knowledge on translation of different genres but also coordination skills. TRANSLATION PROJECTS MANAGEMENT in Asia includes the following undertakings:

  ● Knowing the needs of clients
  ● Carefully selected qualified translators accordingly
  ● Monitoring the process of the translation projects to make sure the translation to be finished on time
  ● Delivering the finished translation text to the clients and asking for the clients’ feedbacks

It can be seen that translation projects management plays a significant role to ensure the smooth progress and quality of translation. At Elite Asia, we have professional and experienced staff to carry on TRANSLATION PROJECTS MANAGEMENT in Asia. They pay attention to clients’ requirements and maintain good relationship with translators, in order to provide first-class translation services and help you fulfil multilingual communication objectives. Feel free to contact us to request for more information on our TRANSLATION PROJECTS MANAGEMENT in Asia at +65 6681 6717 or feel free to use our web form .

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