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Lower transportation costs and increased accessibility to the Internet has reduced distances between economies and has made the world smaller. As such, even relatively small businesses are able to expand their operations into overseas markets. In Elite Asia, we have witnessed a steady increase in demand for Business and Commercial Translation Services. Companies have requested for translations services for various European and Asian languages, like German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and etc. Situated in one of Asia's most diverse and cosmopolitan countries - Singapore, Elite Asia is well positioned to provide you with the best Business & Commercial Translation Services.

For marketing messages, it is important that translations should not be a literal translation but a contextual translation which retains the essence of the message in the target language. Literal translation results in a word for word translation which is unable to evoke the same emotions and thoughts as the original text. Contextual translation takes into account the different styles of both the source and target language, and the translator makes the necessary adjustments to retain the original flavor of the text. This thus requires the translator to be highly proficient in both languages as well as highly experienced in Business and Commercial Translation Services. Any compromise in the language proficiency and experience of the translator may result in a poorly translated document that fails to achieve its purposes.


Copywriting is the application of ideas and words to market businesses, ideas and personalities in a creative and attractive way. Business and Commercial Translation Services also have to be creative in order to attract the attention of the audience in an emotive way. This is known as copywriting style translation, where the translator has to reorganize the sentence structure and rephrase the wording to suit the uniqueness of the target language.

This copywriting style of translation is usually applicable to advertorials, advertisements and other marketing collaterals. It gives the translator more freedom to rewrite or rephrase the copy once it is translated, as long as the message and key information is retained in the translated copy. As such, copywriting style of translation is usually more difficult and time consuming, as it requires the translator to exercise their discretion on the choice of word, and demands an in-depth understanding of the source language and good copywriting skills in the target language to achieve an impressive and impactful result.

The Chinese Copywriting style of translation is one of Elite Asia’s fortes, as we have had years of experience in handling advertisement and collateral translation for advertising agencies in Singapore.

For any enquiries or quotations pertaining to Business and Commercial Translation Services, please feel free to call us at +65 6681 6717 or fill up this web form. We will get back to you within the same working day.

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